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Afghanistan Today, the GWOT HotSpot-9-19-09-Sat.

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Army 1st Sgt. Jared Monti gave his life in Afghanistan trying to save a fellow soldier. Yesterday his family accepted the Medal of Honor he earned. In interviews they expressed dismay at how the war is being run in Afghanistan.

God bless the Monti family, I agree with their sentiments. I pray for leaders and generals who will lead our troops to victory. If we are not there for victory we should leave. We should not be there for nation-building.

Links from around the Global War on Terrorism, the GWOT:

1.) While a build up of U.S. troops, in a second surge is being planned, possible terrorist suspects are in the U.S.A. Read the story below. Link:

2.) War against the West:

3.) Our country near attack again?

4.) Soldiers reflect on 9-11-01:

5.)  Taliban leader sends Ramadan message:

6.)  NY’s 10th Mountain Division leads hunt for Bin Laden:

7.) This story states that US politicians and military leaders want to eradicate the Taliban. How wrong that report is! I haven’t heard anything about that lately, all I have heard is that we are there to protect the civilians and not go after the Taliban. Link:

8.) Kansas City, Missouri Army National Guard deploys to Afghanistan:,0,4294220.story?track=rss

9.) Monti family criticizes war effort in Afghanistan, son may be alive if hand grenade he threw had not been a dud. Link:

10.)  British general lay out complex Afghanistan picture:

11.) Various links to problems with US supply lines:

Fuel trucks

80% through Pakistan:

NATO and US-led forces in landlocked Afghanistan are hugely dependent on Pakistan for supplies, with about 80 percent passing through Pakistan.

The bulk of supplies and equipment required by foreign troops is shipped through northwest Pakistan’s tribal region of Khyber, where Taliban militants have carried out a series of attacks on trucks.

Pakistan’s military last week launched an offensive in Khyber to suppress insurgents, following an operation in northwest Swat valley earlier this year, which the government has declared cleared of Taliban fighters.

In a similar attack on August 31, a bomb blast in Baluchistan’s Chaman city set over a dozen NATO supply vehicles ablaze.

12.) Top military minds mull climate change:

14.) White House reaches out to families of fallen soldiers :

15.) Abject surrender in the dead of night? Could some of the reason be because we need the Russian supply lines open to get our materials in to Afghanistan? Link:

16.) Obama plans for second troop surge to Afghansitan:

17.)  British troops: living on base like pat racks one of them says. Link: 


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