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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT HotSpot-Sun. 9-13-09

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Things are still hot in Afghanistan and getting hotter as a decision is pending on whether a troop escalation is needed. Lack of air support for our military troops on the ground needs to be addressed in a Marine Court of Inquiry.

Four troops died Tues. 9-8-09 possibly due to lack of air support and it needs to be addressed as troops on the ground today are at risk for death or maiming if air support is not used.

The US has taken years and years since World War I to develop and plan for close air support. At the Marine Court of Inquiry and Congressional investigations, which Americans should call for, it should be addressed: why after years of training and practice for close air support has it been thrown aside and our troops put at risk on the ground in Afghanistan?

Various links from around the GWOT below. Links:

 1.)  Gen. McChrystal calls for full accounting into Germans calling in air strike on two hijacked gas tankers which were 4 miles from their compound. I read the German commander only had minutes once the Taliban got the tankers out of the mud, which they were doing, to stop them from being used like suicide bombs on their compound, like the Beirut Marine Corps bombing in the 1980’s.  The German commander called in an air strike to protect his troops are what the initial reports said. I ask: Where is Gen. McChrystal’s investigation for the American people as to why air support was denied and 3 Marines and one Corpsman died Tues. 9-8-09? I wrote my representatives and asked for a MARINE COURT OF INQUIRY to be convened immediately to answer these questions too, and a Congressional investigation needs to be held. These are our tax dollars, and our troops on the ground who need the support.


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September 13, 2009 at 9:17 pm

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