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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT HotSpot-9/12/09-Sat.

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Now it is past 9-11 and the war in Afghanistan goes on. God bless our troops fighting around the world to preserve our freedom.

Various links from around the Global War on Terror, the GWOT:

1.) New Strategy in Afghanistan: Protect Everyone but Americans:excellent story by Diana West. This story needs to be read by every U.S. Senator and Congressman, along with the Commander in Chief before any more troops are sent to Afghanistan in the escalation.

I would encourage everyone to call, write, fax, e mail, Twitter, etc. your elected officials and ask for a MARINE COURT OF INQUIRY which is televised and open to the public to determine who should face charges for making the decision not to let the commander on the ground have airstrikes or artillery which resulted in the deaths of 3 Marines, a Navy corpsman and 8 Afghan troops?

Ask  your Senator and Representative for a Congressional investigation . Here is a link to many various  postings of the story. Our troops on the ground depend on air power and artillery, please contact your representatives and alert them know this.


 2.) 3 Marines, Corpsman from Okinawa killed in Afghanistan. Lacked air support.

Contact the Commander in Chief, your representatives, and the media and ask for a Congressional investigation and a Marine Court of Inquiry open to the public to determine which commander from afar denied airstrikes?

Who let this patrol go out without air support, as the Pentagon now says. The Pentagon said it wasn’t that there were denials in air support, but that the helicopters were an hour away. Neither answer is acceptable. We have troops on the ground now that need your urgent support.

Will Marines serving now be sent out on patrols with air support an hour away? Is this a policy which should be scrapped? I think so. I think they should  go out with assurance of air support and artillery support. It is a matter of life and death for our troops.

Please demand action and convene and immediate Marine Court of Inquiry. Link:

3.) Dying for weekend jihadis: excellent link which seems to say what I have been saying.

4.)  TIME TO READ THIS OPINOIN LETTER IN THE LAS VEGAS SUN AGAIN! It is by Bob Jack and states that AFGHANISTAN POLICY SACRIFICES U.S. TROOPS.This story is as true today as it was when posted several months ago.  Contact your senators, other elected officials, friends, family, military support groups and others and let them know what this letter is saying: Afghanistan Policy Sacrifices U.S. Troops. The policy of restricted rules of engagement must change, or bring the troops home:


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September 12, 2009 at 4:45 am

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