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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT HotSpot-9-2-09-Wed.

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More injuries pouring in from Afghanistan. Pray for our American Marines and soldiers facing death and maiming daily. May God send the USA leaders and generals who know how to win, and will lead our troops to VICTORY and  a return home. THE USA CAN WIN ANY WAR IT WANTS TO. The US public should demand VICTORY and not restricted rules of engagement which will lead to defeat. Pray for our injured troops and the families of the deceased. Links:

1.) Marine suffers injuries along with 10 others, one who died of his wounds. Pray for the injured Marines and their families, and for the family of the deceased Marine. May our Marines be led by leaders who will lead them to VICTORY. Someone will have to kill the Taliban to win the war, and restricted rules of engagement will not lead to victory. Link:

2.) Under Pres. Obama, use of contractors in Afghanistan war reaches all-time high:

3.)  Support for war in Afghanistan reaches all-time low. I say this is because of weak generals and restricted rules of engagement. The war is unfightable and thus unwinnable.,us-support-for-war-in-afghanistan-at-all-time-low.html

4.) George Will correctly says it is time for American ground forces to leave Afghanistan, and to do bombing from the air. I agree, good article, send to your senators and representative along with your comments. My comments say I agree with the article:

 Good letter to the editor again, expresses my sentiments exactly- AFGHANISTAN STRATEGY SACRIFICES U.S. TROOPS:

6.)  INCIDENT AT BATI KOT: Time to read this article again. Helps explain how the war was put on the road to defeat, not by the Taliban, but US bureaucracy falsely blaming US Marines for civilian deaths:

7.)  ONLY WINNING OFFICERS SHOULD BE PROMOTED: One reason the US is fighting with hands tied in Afghanistan: leaders who would make an apology like this:

8.) British PM: Claims headway being made in Afghanistan:

9.)  Echo Company Marines in Afghanistan:

10.) Sec. Clinton told of security failings in Afghanistan:

11.) George Will: Get U.S. troops off the ground in Afghanistan. I agree:,_knowing_when_to_stop

12.) Marine commander thinks he sees progress in Afghanistan! Gen. Helland is now retiring. Maybe that is a good thing. Link:,0,2398498.story

13.) Foreign policy warning: Pay attention to danger of Afghanistan:

14.)  This is the first I read that U.S. Senators helped Gen. McChrystal with his Afghanistan assessment. Wonder which ones? Link:

15.)  Is Afghan government coming to aid of bombers?

16.) Gen. McChrystal wants troops to have closer ties to Afghans:

17.) Taliban snipers targeting British bomb experts:

18.) Counter story to George Will’s. I like George Will’s plan none the less:

19.) More counter to George Will’s column. I still like Will’s plan:

20.) British female soldier KIA Afghanistan:

21.) Commander in Chief should stop the Marine Corps brass from sending Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani, to a Board of Inquiry to reduce his rank to Major. His pay in retirement, which he plans to do soon, will remain the same, so why reduce him to major? Link:

22.) Iraq says bomber had been detainee; let loose by the US:


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