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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hot Spot-8/2/09-Sunday

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I heard Michael Savage, a radio talk show host talking about the 1978 movie, THE DEER HUNTER on his show a week or so ago and decided to rent it. I have not seen it since I saw it for the first and only time years ago, and all I recalled was they played Russian Roulette. Well, I watched the whole long thing a few nights ago, and was thinking about it the last couple of days.

I am not really sure how it related to the war in Iraq or Afghanistan. I really don’t know what to think about it other than it shows the tragedy some of our troops face when they come home from war. You’d have to watch it yourself and maybe post a comment.

Some were saying it had relevance in light of today’s never-ending war in Afghanistan. Or, seemingly never ending war. It does seem that the Iraq War is winding down for Americans with a commander in the last couple of days saying the U.S. should declare victory and pull out. That sounds good to me, but sounds like we should do this in Afghanistan too after their election on Aug. 20, 2009.

I have already written my Representative in Congress and my two Senators to get the ball rolling on having all who are active duty now or honorably discharged and have served in Operation Iraqi Freedom need to have an IRAQ VICTORY MEDAL awarded to them, they earned it. This might also be a morale boost to troops going to Afghanistan or who are fighting toward victory in Afghanistan now and upon victory, should also earn an AFGHANISTAN VICTORY MEDAL.

I suggest anyone who wants the IRAQ VICTORY MEDAL issued to contact President Obama, and their Congressman and Senators. Our troops earned it, now let’s work to get it issued!

Please remember to pray for all our troops and say a special prayer for those injured, and those fighting today in Afghanistan to earn the AFGHANISTAN VICTORY MEDAL. Do not let our troops DIE FOR DEFEAT!

Various stories from around the Global War on Terror, the GWOT: If the link doesn’t work cut and past into your browser.

1.) American Army colonel says the US should declare victory and leave Iraq. I have been writing my reps and asking for them to make sure our troops who served honorably or are still active duty receive an IRAQ VICTORY MEDAL-they earned it. Link:

2.) Medical evacuations by helicopter in Afghanistan. Excellent video and story:

3.) Protection racket: Private Social Worker and Major Psychologist needed in Afghanistan:

4.) Deadly attack at outpost in Afghanistan, a story not to miss from Seattle Times:

5.) Dyn Corps takes Afghanistan:


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