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Afghanistan Today-The GWOT Hotspot-Sat. 3-7-09

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Afghanistan makes the news because Sec. of State Hillary Clinton wants to sit down with Iran over Afghanistan. There are other stories around the world in the Global War of Terrorism, the GWOT, I will link a few below. Please continue to pray for US Marines sent to Afghanistan by President Obama for the surge, to kill the terrorists and keep them off US soil. Links:

1.)  Hillary wants to talk with Iran over Afghanistan:

2.) US officer accused of stealing US aid funds in Iraq:

3.)  MWSS-371 Marines in Afghanistan:,2009,03,05,feature3

4.)  Marine Major from Okinawa writes the Washington Post:

5.)  Afghanistan supply chain a weak link:

6.)  Review on travel to Kabul, Afghanistan and a link to Bati Kot, Afghanistan travel. Sorry, but I think I’ll pass:–Afghanistan:10007059-destination-review-all/1–Afghanistan:80088999

7.)  Dana Priest on national security and intelligence-Discusses Iraq, Afghanistan wars, and more:

8.)  The American Spectator – story about the US troop surge to Afghanistan:

9.)  Maj. W. Thomas Smith open source intelligence brief:

10.)  Americans cutting back, by Michelle Malkin, other countries like Iraq and Afghanistan and others should take note and the US should not give them more money, we cannot afford it:


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March 7, 2009 at 2:37 am

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